Week of extreme lows

Has anyone experienced this? Over the last couple weeks I have been doing some major home renovations, the stress level has been extremely high and work load has been much more than average. I never knew how hard it was to do this stuff, I’m very sore every morning. Anyway, my blood sugar levels have been extremely low lately. Even to the point where I have not done any Humalog insulin one day and reduced Lantus by 10%. I can’t seem to eat enough, I’ve had to counter the lows with snickers bars. When I do take a shot of Humalog I am extremely sensitive to it, in fact I was 66 at 9:30 this morning and drand a full can of Coke (regular not diet), my sugar went to 95 then 30 minutes later it was 70. My sugars after meals do not raise very much either. I’m kind of at a loss. Any suggestions or similar stories?