Week Three on the pump

Well, this is my second blog post since going on the pump. I went to Walgreens yesterday as I am sure everyone else is to get the free A1c testing done. I had my regular routine A1c test done in early Oct and that one was up from the previous from 7.1 to 7.5 on Oct 9. Yesterday I tested and it was a 7.0. I don’t go until Jan 11, 2010 so I thought I would like to see how I am doing. I am hoping to be in the sixes by then. Today I was stressed all day so my bg never came down from the 180’s all day. When I got home and started to undress and unwind I felt kinda funny and checked my bg and it was a 55. I took some dex 4 tablets and it came back up before dinner. That had to be a rebound from the highs. So far the pump has been the best thing I ever did. Thanks for reading.