Week two of the Animas Ping Pump...Just rambling on and on and on... Feel free to join!

Okay, so far very pleased with the pump… However, this fasting and waking up at night to test is for the birds!!! LOL… I understand it’s necessary but just wanted to throw that out there… I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel… However, I’m talking to my Endo next week about switching from Apidra to Novolog or whatever the other is that is similar to Novolog… I’m learning now that Apidra breaks down in hot weather quicker than the other options… I live in TX!!! I think he and I are gonna have to rethink this Apidra thing… LOL… So I guess I’ll be fasting again and waking in the middle of the night again here shortly! :slight_smile: Also, nobody at Animas gave me a choice of which inset I wanted to use… I guess I will just have to order some smaller insets.

And this just in, as I was typing away I received my software and connector thingy to record my pump info!!! Yay! This all so very exciting…

I just wish someone would have broken down what to expect from the beginning… I guess I’m lucky since I’m used to flying by the seat of my pants! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, hate the basal testing but it’s necessary.
I don’t think there’s any way to break it down as it seems the training/break in is so different for each of us.
I’ve found I learn more from “real people” than anything else.
Congrats - on week two!

Most definitely, different for everybody! Thanks for the kudos!

I start on the PING in 5 days… Already using the meter and quite pleased what I have read and viewed so yeah I can’t wait!!!

Yeah, it’s definitely an individual experience, and also you can’t know how things go until you actually are into it. Everyone (trainer/Animas rep) told me I should get the inset (straight) one because I was neither a kid nor athletic, but I’ve had a lot of problems so I called Animas and they are going to send me a free sample of the inset 30 to try before I need to actually replenish my supply. They also said they will take back unopened boxes which is good since I assume we all start with a three month supply. Personally I think everyone should get all the variety so they can try them out. I had to talk the rep into sending me 43 inch as well as 23 inch tubing and I find it hard to decide which I like best.

I’m not doing basal testing, at least not in the immediate future. I’ve been tweaking my numbers, making different basal levels for different times according to the patterns I see of when I go high and low and it’s working very well. At the 20% reduction the trainer suggested I was pretty consistently low, so before I broke it down into different time slots I just did an overall reduction and that was a good first step. I guess the basal testing is just a more systematic way of doing the same thing, and if patterns aren’t evident it’s a good tool.

Coming on here and asking questions (in the Animas Group or in the Pumper’s Forum) has been extremely valuable for me, much more so than having a doctor or a nurse manager would be. That’s just me.

fasting and waking up at night to test?? Oh god someone explain please

Well, apparently they want to know your basal or “all day long acting” insulin is set correctly throughout all hours of the day. For instance, I need less overnight than during the morning hours. So I programmed my pump to change basal delivery at certain times. This also helps so if you are in a situation you have to skip a meal you won’t have a low bg. :slight_smile: It’s a pain but necessary to be sure you won’t be at the mercy of diabetes… It gives you more control over all… at least that’s my opinion. When I change my insulin types and start working out again, I’ll probably have to do it again… Ugh!

Awesome! So far I love it!!! :slight_smile: Just not the basal testing. Keep us posted when you get started!

Something to keep in mind as well is that you’ll likely find different infusion sets work better or are more comfortable on different spots. The Inset II (90 Degree) set works best for me on my lower back, but the Inset 30 works best on my stomach.

I’ve ordered some free samples of the Orbit Micro so I’m hoping to see what they’re like too - although it’ll be the first set I’ve used without an automatic insertion… could be interesting/fun! :wink:

Standard routine for figuring out a variable basal rate. Makes sure that you really do have the freedom to eat whenever you want as opposed to on a schedule. If you find you’re consistently going low at a certain time of day you’d adjust your basal rate a few hours prior to that time to be slightly less. Opposite would go for if you find you’re going consistently high at a specific time of day.

It’s a bit of a pain when you’re getting set up - but once its setup and you’re running its great! After the initial setup usually you have enough trending information from all your testing to make minor changes without having to do the fasting/waking up in the middle of the night to check again… not unless you totally change insulins, or are really running into problems maintaining a consistent level.

Working out is definately one of those tricky things. I know I’ve been doing it off and on for awhile now and I still quite haven’t gotten it down pat. It all depends on how active you are at the gym and if you’re consistently doing the same routine or not.

I myself have been mixing up the routine which has made it really hard to figure out the basal rate for each routine. I’m thinking I might switch to a “standard” routine to make things a little bit easier for the time being.

grrr you get to get a sample of the orbit micro! darn you canadian! Just kidding, I’m jealous that you get to get a sample of the orbit.

oh goodness…Good thing I requested a vacation week next week otherwise I’ll be completely lost!

Have you tried phoning them to see what the delay on getting more samples is? I know here in Canada all they had to do was open the boxes and remove the recalled alcohol wipes that were included.

What company makes Orbit? I definitely don’t think I’m ready for manual insertion, though I wonder if people have less problems with those? I also haven’t yet used other parts of my body, I have enough trouble with the parts I can see! (my stomach)

Orbit's actually made by a company called ICU Medical, but everything you see as far as branding goes its known as just "Orbit."

The website is here: http://www.orbit90.com/orbit-micro.asp

Thanks, Richmatik. And you can use your insurance for several different companies at once? Like for me I have Animas set up with my insurance and only have to pay 20%, plus I have an additional discount that I applied for due to my income level.

Right now I’m waiting for my Inset 30 sample from Animas to see if I have less problems with that, then I’ll go from there.

The problem is I dont hear on the phone well. It frustrates me having a conversation with a customer service rep and I cant understand them