Weight control and insulin, etc


Have any of you experienced major problems with weight control? Do you contribute the issues to the medications?

My husband takes 2 insulins (Treshiba, Novolog), blood pressure med, and cholesterol med. Since being dx withT2 in 2003, he has put on about 80 pounds. He was about 75 pounds overweight at the time of dx, so overall he is significantly overweight.

Currently my husbands A1C is 6.7, which he has been working very hard to achieve, but his weight still remains high.

Has anyone had this experience? If so, have you been able to turn it around? Any other tips, comments, concerns to offer?

Yes, many of us have been there to one extent or another. For me, carbs beget carbs and as I eat carbs, I always crave for more foods rich in carbs. Put it in front of me and I can’t help but eat it. No problem with diabetes, just take more insulin to cover. Problem is more weight.

You may want to try low carb diet, at least for a while. It works and you will be amazed at how much weight is lost every month and your need to reduce insulin as well. I recently went low carb and not only lost my excess weight but also decreased my insulin use from over 50 units per day do 0. Most importantly I lost my appetite for carbs and no longer crave them.

You can try to do this on your own which I did and was not easy or there are now clinics that will help you through the process. If you want to first try it out for a couple of weeks, just go to a few of the website such as www.ditchthecarbs.com and make only low carb meals for a couple of weeks. You will instantly start seeing results which will help convince you this is the way to go. Look for keto diet recipes, they are low carb as well.

If you don’t want to do this on your own, check out:

Virta Health


You can do it, it is really not that hard once you find great meals that contain little carbs and the rapid results is what motivates you to keep going low carb on the meals.


Appreciate your information, will be looking into it. Thanks!

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You might also like to look at the low fat plant based way of eating. Google Mastering Diabetes to read more about it.
I eat 300 plant healthy carbs daily. Almost everyone loses weight following this way of eating and is able to achieve excellent control of their diabetes. If your husband likes fruit and all kinds of vegetables plus rice, potatoes, lentils, etc. he might enjoy this very healthy way of eating.

I use weight watchers (WW) and with some modifications fro diabetes (watch the fruit) it works well.

I count carbs. Watch servings, and exercise a lot. I eat salads or other lower carb vegetable and protein for lunch and supper. I eat oatmeal for breakfast with nuts. I snack on a fruit a day, then milk. In the summer I eat an occasional low sugar ice cream. So I adjust my day as things meet my needs. I have type 2 , 25 years, Hashimoto thyroid. I am about 20 pounds over weight,but have not gained more in 20 years. I think we need to find what works for us, but in my opinion moving is very important. Nancy50

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