Weight gain if I follow doc, I'm a bad bad person with denial

I used to be a good diabetic. I had a baby (when I was 40, belive it or not). During my pregency was when I was placed on insulin shots. However after the baby was born my sugars without insulin were great. I stayed off insulin maybe too long, but still had great results (lost a lot of weight, not from the baby he’s 6 now). Finally my doc had a fit and put me back on insulin, which I did. Gained a lot of weight in the last year, so very frustrated with all of this. Now trying to watch every bite I eat, sugars up and down. So many headaches. Can’t stand them. Any advance. I know how bad it can get. My dad died too early for me when he was 65. He never met my little guy.

I was diagnosed by my Ob-GYN and she told me to keep my post meal blood sugar to under 120, then I went to my regular MD because the OB-gyn told me she could not handle my other diabetic issues. I began to follow my MD’s advice and was having huge blood sugar swings. He suggested I try insulin. I threw out his advice and all my diabetic cookbooks and went back to low carbing. I feel great. My blood sugar is absolutely normal. My A1c was 5.6 this last time and I am aiming for 4.6 for next time.

great job! sometimes we have to just listen to ourselves. keep up the great work.