Weight Gain & Loss

My daughter’s weight is up & down by 50+ pounds and I’m concerned should I discuss my concerns with her if it’s not her meds?


Two way swings in weight at that level must be very scary for you to watch your daughter go through.

What does your daughters physician say about this? How old is your daughter? Have thyroid or other health concerns that might cause these fluctuations been fully explored?

Even if your daughter is an adult, on her own dealing with T1, this could be a very difficult subject to broach. Depression is a common experience among diabetics and depression can definitely factor into unexplained weight losses or weight gains, depending on the individual.

I hope that you can provide your daughter with support and work through your concerns with her.


Hi Cheryl,

You are right this group is for children not young adults like my daughter. I did not notice when i joined.

But to answer your question she may have an underline thyroid cause that is making her weight an issue which has not been found by her doctor.

However she seems to be happy no clear signs of depression. But to say i am not concerned would not be the truth.Have a great day

Maxi Atkins

Insulin can cause you to gain weight. But you can’t scale back on the basal insulin. You can reduce carbs a bit (not eliminate and not too much of a reduction), exercise more and try really hard to reduce lows. If she has a lot of lows, she could be getting more carbs than she needs. I think checking the basals so she has few lows, eating heathy carbs instead of unhealthy, and even reducing carbs in moderation will work very well. Thyroid issues… yes, can cause weight gain.


I think the spirit of the site “parents of kids with type 1” applies to all ages of parents/kids. David is a young adult, now 17, but I have found a lot of good info and received a lot of good feedback from this site. I hope you can help your daughter get to the source of the swings in weight.



The carbs maybe an issue for her to slow down on because she eats pasta three times a week but I’ll try bringing it up as an after thought during our talk time. Thanks for your advice.



Today is a good day for my daughter she started an exercise class. Hopeful she likes it but supportive either way.

Thanks have a great day!