Weight lifting while making pump sites last full duration

I’ve had a question for a long time. I’ve always had a hard time following any pre-written weight lifting plan because I find when I do I’ve usually got a infusion site in the muscle group that will be worked and it causes it to fail a day early. I’m not sure if others experiences are the same. Does anyone else experiences this?

Usually my weight lifting regiment revolves around where my site is not. Have you had a similar experience? Any tips you could offer?

Yes. I have been a avid weight lifter for years. I have a squat rack, barbells, dumbells etc. I find the sensor is more of a issue because bends in the tissue cause the sensor to fail completely. As far as infusion sites, rarely do I have a issues but they do occur. I usually have to work around the site. Chest, no issue for example. If working abs. I wait for the last day for infusion set of sensor change.