Weight lifting!

So I’m thinking about lifting weights in order to gain some muscle weight, but the program I wanna do requires for me to eat at least 3200 calories a day. I’ve been researching and it seems as if weight lifting helps you burn calories thru out the day even when you’re not working out. My biggest worry is my GL. Will they be high or too low? Anybody out there that has had this issue?

There are, potentially, lots of issues with BG levels when you start any type of exercise program. A number if people on the forum report higher BG because of glycogen conversion to glucose. specifically, due to weight lifting.

I understand the idea behind tieing a daily minimum calorie intake to a weightlifting program in order to gain muscle mass, but as a diabetic, the best thing you can do is to carefully monitor your BG levels before, during, and after workouts and meals. Let your BG meter and progress in the gym determine how many calories you need to eat daily.

Off the top of my head, 3200 calories doesn't seem excessive for a comprehensive exercise peogram that includes cardio and strength training. It all, of course, depends on your proportions of carbs, protein, and fat and how you utilize your caloric sources. That will determine your BG level moreso than just deciding on a number of calories to consume daily.

Hello Roberto, I lift weights and Treadmill, I can tell you lifting will drive your sugar down low fast so watch out ok. As a Diabetic I would never eat 3200 Calories a day. be good