Weight loss and a reduction in insulin need

I finally managed to lose some weight recently. Lost about 7kg (15 pounds) in the last 4 months. I feel good but have had a few more hypo’s occur. My body requires less insulin recently and I’ve adjusted it down to the lowest I’ve been in a very long time - and it still feels a bit strong on certain days.

My basal numbers has gone down from about 25 units a day to around 17. And it’s weird how the reduction isn’t proportional. For example, I used to have the highest basal post dinner around 1.1u, now my basal needs are the lowest at that time - reduced to 0.6u - i don’t know why how it went from being the most insulin resistant time of day to the least insulin resistant. :woman_shrugging: In total I think I’ve seen a reduction of about 15-20 units of insulin a day. That’s about 25-35% reduction of my overall intake.

I can only explain this sudden insulin change attributed by the weight loss. But 7kg (15 pounds) isn’t that much, can it really have such a big impact on insulin?

Did you change your fitness routine of your activity level?

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Weight loss, change of diet, or less stress


In my 40s, although fit, tall, and seemingly slender even though 235 pounds, I decided to lose weight. I decided on a 2000 calorie a day diet and changed how I ate, with smaller more frequent meals, focused on protein. I quickly lost 25 pounds, and my insulin use was halved. Also, because my rowing machine broke around the same time, diminishing the value of the rest of my home gear, I joined a local gym. The novelty of new equipment increased my motivation and my exercise intensity greatly.

As for workouts, I find that my high intensity workouts seems to reduce my blood sugars the most, as well as reducing my need for insulin, but these effects could be caused by increased metabolism, increased insulin uptake, or reduced calorie consumption, the latter something I am not a conscious of but is a known effect of intervals and similar type exercise.

  • Less fat mass + more muscle + less carb + less calories + more intense exercise-> less insulin

As for your particular changes, I can’t comment, as one need to understand the one’s regimen as a whole, i.e., basal insulin, exercise, insulin timing, and diet.

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Yes and no. I’ve started exercising by walking about 10km a day since this time last year. My weight didn’t budge until about four months ago. Don’t know why. I’m also a bit more mindful about the carb intake as well but not by much. So I’m not really sure what kickstarted the weight loss but I’m not complaining.

I think it’s a bit of a snowball effect, once weight started coming off, insulin is reduced and weight loss was easier.

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I have also gone through some weight loss over the years and my insulin levels are down.
And weight must be a big factor because the iLet pump doesn’t want basal rates. It only wants your weight. And over time, it learns what you need. I am suppose to be starting up with this new pump soon and am looking forward to no carb counting!

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