Weight Loss and Lows Advice

So I really need to lose weight, not really for health but more for me. I am really healthy despite being 60 pounds over weight and diabetic however I do not like the weight. I also retain fluids and have weird digestive issues, I wont go into details because I feel it may be TMI…lol…I want to be more active and eat lower carbs but I am afraid of lows. I think out of everything I go through with diabetes lows are the absolutely worst. I am not on the pump nor do I have a CGM, I prefer it that way. I am actually usually discrete when checking my BG and giving myself shots that most people do not even notice.

Back to the weight. If I exercise, like speed walking or jogging my legs get really sore then ankles swell up for days after. I would say its the shoes but I swell up everywhere all the time so I am not sure. If I walk in a slower pace it doesnt happen but I do not feel like I get anything accomplished. If I eat low carb which is the diet I actually like the most then I will def crash immediately after. My A1c is finally getting lower which I am thrilled about but I do not want to start taking less insulin at the risk of a higher A1c. I need some advice or tips on how I could approach it. Thanks :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t be crashing with the right doses to match lower carbs. Takes tweaking of course. What else is new:) What does your doc say about the fluid retention?

Have you tried weights? Increasing muscle mass is the best way to increase insulin sensitivity. I eat protein before exercise to help keep BG level. I stop, test & treat lows with jelly beans. Moderate exercise sends my BG down. Really strenuous exercise sends it high (cortisol stress hormones) & then low hours later.

I have mentioned my retention problem to about 3 different doctors and have never got a response. Not even a possible cause. I am starting to think working at McDonalds may be more challenging than I like weights but I also hear cardio is the way to really lose the weight. When I do exercise I try to combine cardio and strengthing…

If you are salt-sensitive, you may be retaining water just due to the sodium in your food. I find that eating even two slices of bacon will give me puffy feet for two days. I didn’t used to be salt sensitive but it has gotten worse as I get older. I think you mentioned that you’re in SoCal – heat can also cause fluid retention – mine is always worse in the summer months. However, if you do strenuous exercise you don’t want to go too low on sodium, either. The only way to know is to track your food for a few days (the sodium content – you can look it up on-line) and then cut back on the high-sodium foods if it’s high and see what happens. A percentage of your 60-lbs. will definitely be retained fluid.

These are some of the worst culprits: pickles, cured meats (pepperoni, salami, bacon), salty cheeses like Feta, fast food (those delish McD fries!!!), commercially processed foods (e.g. things canned in brine, like sauerkraut or canned soups – these are salt bombs!)

If you eat more fresh food (produce, meat, eggs, etc. prepared at home) and salt them lightly, you can cut your sodium intake back a great deal.

For example:

Broccoli (one cup) = 64 mg. sodium
One cup Panera broccoli cheddar soup = 1028 mg. sodium

1/2 cup serving of baked potato, no salt added = 3 mg. sodium
French fries (fast-food) = over 250 mg. sodium

Home cooking with fresh foods saves a HUGE amount of sodium from getting into your body and wreaking havoc with your fluid retention.

I find that if I exercise first thing in the morning, before any food and therefore before any insulin, I don’t suffer the lows. I’m also low carbing and trying to lose the 28 pounds I put on when I first started insulin. I’ve lost 14 so far so hopefully I can get the rest off too. The low carb diet does seem to help, even though I’m eating more fat than I would have before. I’m aiming for about 40g carb/day. I’m doing yoga 4 times a week, which is making me feel good about my body and trying to walk 10 miles about 4 times a week too. Keep going Rye, it’ll happen xx

JeanV…Thanks for the sodium advice but I do not think that is it. I rarely use salt. I do not eat fast foods, processed foods in very small amounts. I do not eat canned ore frozen dinners. I do not eat red meat either. The heat does make it worst however it has to be almost 90 degrees. So I am still at a lost…

Rache…I do not know how much insulin you take and when but I always have insulin in my body. I love your work out regimen by the way…Congrats on the weight loss! Keep it up!