Weight loss, Type 1 and the insulin pump factor!

Hang in there. You may have to change some things in the future. I was fearful when I first got on the pump because of weight gain. But, I, like the lady above, lost 14 pounds. It made me more aware of what was going in my mouth and I was not as apt to pick at things. Get your levels right and then work on diet and exercise. It is easier to adjust downward if you know you are going to exercise.

I work for Weight Watchers and it is an awesome plan. However, I have found carb counting to be more affective for me. If you want to lose, you need to eat about 75 carbs a day. Be careful, because there are foods which contain carbs that you would not think did.

You are the only one that has actually spelled it out correctly.

Hi. I can relate to a lot of things which you are saying. A persons metabolism slows down, however, because they slow down. Also, we tend to lose lean muscle mass as we get older, therefore, slowing the metabolism down.

It has been very difficult for me to control my weight as a diabetic for 38 years. I, too, have been very skinny. I am still slender, but my weight has creeped up by 14 pounds in the last 2 years. I am puzzled because, I too, have not increased my food intake. However, stress has been a major factor in my life, therefore causing high blood sugars and the typical correction bolus. Could this be a reason that diabetics gain weight as opposed to non diabetics?

I wish I could offer good advice, but I am in need of answers, also. This is very frustrating.


Interesting thread to resurrect? I don’t want to jump in to the other comments but I peaked at 275 lbs, I think the winter 2006-7. I realized that was not good (I also would have turned 39 I guess?) and made changes, adjusted my all of my “rates” (I was “SeatOfThePantsing” it, rather than being organized in any way) and started eating less and taking less insulin. It occurred to me that perhaps it might’ve been smart to have been more organized but my A1C crept out of the 6s into the 7s. At the same time, I had also drank a bunch of martial arts Kool-Aid and started working out a ton so I was feeling good. I also had slowly started to lose weight, which also made me feel good. A buddy of mine @ work said “you should talk to my wife, she has an insulin pump and loves it and would love to talk to you about it” and he was right and I was sold. I was down to maybe 225 by the time I got it (April, 2008) and immediately noticed a difference. My A1C got back down to 5.8 (like 5 in a row…0 and, by the time I earned my Black Belt in May 2009, I was down to about 195 and was working out at least twice/ day. Unfortunately, my office closed and I moved for work. The stress/ tequilla of moving got me back up to maybe 200 lbs, w/ occasional forays up by last summer but I had a CGM from April, 2010 and started focusing again, running more and am now down to about 185, which is very close to where I’d say “I’m done”. I think I still have a few things I could cut out, largely indulgent, werewolf evenings but that’s a work in progress too. It’s not impossible and I also try to compare myself to my non-D peers as much as anyone. I have some buddies I’ll see in a couple of weeks for a fantasy baseball draft [take the over on my weight afterwards…heh heh heh…] and figure some will have been working out, getting fit, etc. and some won’t? Most of them are 5-10 years younger than I am too and none have to deal with this crap so I can feel good about that.