Weight Loss, Weight Schmoss

(From , my blog).

I am inspired. Awed. And for now, completely motivated.

is really where my involvement in the DOC came to fruition. Tonight as I was twittering with some fellow PWD’s, I was motivated by one of my new found friends, George. George recently wrote this awesome blog post, where he challenged himself to lose 40 lbs. Well not really challenged, a challenge implies that something could not be met. George IS going to lose the weight. I know he his, he knows he is.

George, another twitter-friend Jaimie, and myself have been talking on twitter about starting anew. We all decided that tonight will be our fattest night ever. Which is why I’m scrambling to post this blog.

Tonight WILL be the last time I am this fat. I WILL lose 50 lbs. It may take me 50 weeks, it may take me 100 weeks, but I WILL do it.

I am going to make short term goals, and try to meet them. My first short term goal is to get my butt in bed within the next hour, and then get up at nine and go for a walk. Exercise is my worst Nemesis. I must battle it and conquer it first if I am going to make any progress.

Ouch, my shins hurt already. :frowning: