Weight loss - what else is new?

Hi Friends.
I have started at the Bariatric Clinic here - they think I'm a good candidate for bariatric surgery. That is where they take part of the stomach away in one way or another and it makes the patient eat less, but fill full. The stats, I'm told, is that most people can lose 15% of their body weight, but bariatric surgery has an average of 30% of body weight. I'm not convinced the surgery is for me, but I have been learning a lot about how to diet - and I thought I knew everything!! So, here are three things that I learned, that have helped me, so far.

1. Monitor my mood. I do some eating that is mood related, so monitoring how I am feeling helps me to get on top of it, and not eat as a result of feeling crappy. In the two, no, three weeks that I have been on the diet thing, I have trouble eating when I'm upset now... not sure that is the solution.

2. Monitor my pain. I'm 53, and I have aches and pains, some of which I don't notice until I'm in bed. So, now, in the evening I do a "scan" and take a pain reliever a couple hours before I go to bed.

3. Getting enough sleep. It helps now that I do the pain reliever sometimes at night, but I am really trying to get to sleep, so I'm not dragging my butt the next day and end up eating to keep me stimulated.

Other things I have to do:
-monitor my blood sugar randomly but once a day
-journal my eating. My case worker suggested the app "LOSE IT". It's free and easy. I get a bit obsessive about what I eat and have to log in - kind of like a challenge.
-I have to use a pedometer. Well, today was the first day I could get the darn thing to work. They want me to do 10,000 steps a day. I did 7500 today and thought it was a light day, so I think I can get to 10,000 with very little problem.

Thought I would share what I've learned so far. I hope it hits someone at the right time.

Oh right, you want to know how much I've lost. I lost 50 lbs on Victoza 2 years ago, gained 5 back and in the last couple weeks have lost the 5 and 5 more. I have 35 lbs to be out of the "obese" rating, but I don't really know how much I should lose overall...

congratulations & keep on going

congratulations & keep on going & you'll get there
well done

Congratulations on figuring out these pieces to the puzzle! I always find it interesting when people say they're on such-and-such diet and "never feel hungry." I find it's rarely hunger that causes me to make less than stellar eating choices. It's usually some emotional issue and/or boredom.

So you have 35 pounds to get out of the obese range,you qualify for gastric by pass? Your post is interesting. Some of my food can be emotional related if I go off my plan. Thanks,Nancy

Thanks for your comment, Nancy. Food is comfort, can be an adventure, or can be a “friend” when one’s lonely. It is not as simple as just being sustenance.

Shadow, I haven’t figured much out, and sometimes it is hard to do the right thing even when I do know what that is. I’m just trying to do the right thing more often than not.