Weight loss!

I need help I have put on alot of weight un wated and I am haveing a hard time loosing it very hard time I tried to cut calories back and I go low very low can you guys help !! adn i am thinking about getting a pump are they good??

I have liked my pump a lot! A lot of the literature doesn’t talk about it as much but for me, one big advantage is that it does a much better job logging things than I do? That is one of my least favorite things about diabetes and the pump pretty much keeps track of what you eat and when you eat it and then, at least the MM setup I had, it reminds you to test in a couple of hours to see how things are moving along and keeps track of it. The Carelink software compiles everything into reports that I find useful to sort of monitor for “drift” and see how things are coming along.

By keeping track of what I ate, I was also able to find spots to cut carbs out of my diet and, since you are counting anyway, you just take less insulin. I’m not sure if that entirely improved my BG results, etc. but, for the most part, I seem to have done nicely with that and the pump too?

Try to add metformin to your insulin it may cut the dose and help you loose weight.

hey i count carbs i am on a ratio of 6-8 carbs per 5 units of insulin and i take 58 unutis of lantus
also is there a good way to get a pump my health insurance doesnt pay for them ior isulin i pay out of pocket .

… but if she’s having lows dont you suspect she might just need to cut back on the insulin? Otherwise she is eating to the dose and that makes weight loss impossible.