Weight Loss

I was talking with my son who is a semi-pro poker player (yes, I know, every mother’s dream) and we were talking about that daily challenge of weight loss. I told him that I’m not looking for success with my weight numbers, but success in my daily checklist = the journey. He compared it to playing poker. Its not if you win the hand. Some of that is just luck. DID YOU MAKE ALL THE RIGHT CHOICES during the play = process. Its the same thing. My body is a little unpredictable just like your poker hand. Water weight to the weather play havoc. The dealer gives a player a card unexpected. But poker players when rehashing a game don’t look at just the results. They look at the process. THAT’S what we need to do. So I made a checklist. Amount of calories - check. Amount of protein - check. Number of carbs - check. How many steps today - check. Drink my water - check. Took my meds - check.
So success is in the JOURNEY = process. Yes, my BS numbers validate me. Yes, my weight validates me. And my cholesterol numbers validate me. But its not the only signpost of success.
IF you have a weight bounce, its ok – stick with it.
IF you don’t lose the 10 pounds you counted on this month – stick with it.
IF you just look at a scale – look at your journey and give yourself a pat on the back for every positive. I even sometimes make a list of all the things I said no thank you to.
IF you are tired and want a vacation from diabetes and weight control – take it 15 minutes at a time, 1 hour at a time, 1 day at a time, 1 week at a time – then have a party! That was a success.


Very inspiring. Well done!