Weight Swings

Hi all,

I am not on the light side, but I am finding that my weight swings erratically and unexplainably varying by as much as 2 kg from one day to the next. Anyone else have this experience with such wide swings and what do you think causes it.

So frustrating.... and I'm not losing... in fact I'm very slowly creeping up - and my calorie intake should not warrant this gain (about 2000 calories a day - and I'm still breastfeeding my 18mo daughter quite a bit).

Am most upset with how I look and feel at the moment. I am going to try doing a proper ketogenic diet (instead of just eating low carb) to see if it will work to get some weight off...

Anyone else want to grumble about weight??

I have an astronomy app on my phone. Many times, when I get a "WTH, how did I gain 5 lbs?" weight, I'll see where the moon is and find it below me. The flip side is that when I'm lightest,the moon is often high above me! Last night, I had several glasses of water on the plane back from Las Vegas but was still mortified to see 196 lbs on the scale, up from a pre-vacation (3 days...) weight of 189!! EEEK! This AM, I checked back in at 191 which is about what I felt like I looked like and is ok. I'll go easy on the carbs, plus I'm off and mostly choreless the rest of the week, so I can buzz off a couple more lbs.

I've been tracking my calories pretty tightly (ok, I skipped Vegas...no need to put 6 glasses of champagne, 8 vodka & redbulls, 6 bloody marys, etc. into the computer...*urp*) for the last few months using "Lose It", a food app lik MyFitnessPal but I like the interface better. It mostly tracks calories but also compiles macros (Pro/Fat/Carb) and I find that if I get protein > 40%, I will lose weight but only if I eat enough calores. If I have 1800, I will drop but if I go too much above or below that, I don't seem to do it. This sometimes leads to cans of tuna or eggs or whatever in the evening to keep my "score" where I want it but it seems to work ok. It can be a bit of a chore but is sort of fun.