Weight Watchers Core Plan

Is anyone here following this? It follows the basic principal of high protein and low carb but allows healthy carbs like whole wheat pasta and couscous ect. Also, unlike Atkins it makes you watch your fats. I think I will be discussing it with my dietitian tomorrow as I have about 200lbs. to loose to be where I want to be weight wise.

Dear amanda.

I dont think there is a such thing as healthy whole wheat pasta it will raise your BG as much as regular. Might be healthier and help with constipation. Couscous forget it.

If you have to loose 200 lb then you are probably caught in an carbs, insulin, extreme hunger and weight gain spiral. The more carbs you eat the hungrier you get and the more insulin you need that will make you hungrier and so on and so forth.

I am trying to break out of this and stay alive. So far I have cut carbs enormously à la Atkins. Grain products are not a good idea. If you have to eat some carbs may they be cauliflower and broccoli. I have cut insulin from 75 to 55 units per day and I am not starving any more.

I have been eating tonnes of fat a la Atkins by consumming cheese. I will go for a cholesterol test in the near future so I will see if Atkins is bad. If so I will eat no more cheese and only fish, chicken breast, lean pork and lean steak. And veggy oils: canola, olive.

How much insulin do you use per day, which kinds and what is your present body weight? send private message if need be. You must cut down the injections to loose weight and keep BG in a good range. The only way is a very low carb diet: Broccoli, cauliflower, protein and lots of fat (good fat if you think it is necessary). Get a copy of Dr. Richard Bernstein book: Diabetes Solution.

WW has now nixed their Core plan, for all intents and purposes, though of course you could still follow it. Their new “momentum” plan has replaced both Core and Flex.

In the core plan, you essentially eat your fill (no counting, no logging) of a short list of approved foods. It works for weight loss for many people who don’t want to have to “keep track” of their food intake, but I found that the concept did nothing for my blood sugar control. Their flex plan, however, is ideal for my life and diabetes, personally.