Weight Watchers


Was doing medi weight loss which was almost no carbs, mostly protein. Very strict, hard to stay on. Plus it was very expensive. I managed to lose 50 pounds but can’t seem to lose any more. Joined weight watchers but, am concerned with the carb count. I am going to meal plan and check the carb count for each meal so I can keep it to a minimum. The site does not allow you to add notes to your daily plan so, I may have to keep a separate journal. I am going to test each morning and after each meal to keep track of how the food affects my blood sugar. I am not on any medication at this time as with the weight loss I was able to get my A1C from around an 8 down to 6.3. I plan on getting active too which I know will help. Any suggestions on how to combine the meal tracking with the carb count?