Weird finger thing

My body is just using its imagination to come up with weird little things, too minor to stress over, too weird to ignore.

I frequently get little cuts or splits on the sides of my fingers; actually 20 years ago, long before my diagnosis a doctor told me it was common with diabetics!

But this one is very different. It's a small (a couple centimeters) oval shaped raised blood spot. It almost looks like a tiny worm. I decided to remove it as I would a splinter with a needle, thinking it would be either a small piece of wood or something or else it would open up and bleed. Nothing happened; it just remained there. It's rough to the touch and only mildly painful if I bang it against something. Any clues?

I have no clue. Could you take a photo?

Thanks, Holger. I tried but I couldn't get it close enough and in focus. I'll see if I can figure out the manual focus for my camera and try again when I get home later. I'm hoping maybe somebody had something similar from my description.