Weird food?

Hi all,

I see that we have people from all kinds of places here. And I was wondering about if you have a lokal dish that others might find weird or perhaps downright disgusting?
I come from the Faroe Islands and we sure have some weird delicacies here. Like boild sheeps head!
Here are some more to get your mouthwater flowing (lol)

Ræst kjøt: sheeps meat that has been hanging for weeks so that it is kinda rotten either boild or cooked in an oven. The smell is unbelievable! but I love the taste.

Ræstan fisk: Fish that has been hanging for weeks, then boild. again the smell will get most tourists running for the hills. but many people here love it. I don’t!

Turran fisk: Fisk that has been left hanging untill completely hard and dry. Eaten raw. Yummi!

And the most controversy of them all: Pilot whale! Either salted or hung dried. Not a favourite of mine. But nice on the odd occasion.

So tell me about your weird lokal food. I know you got them :slight_smile:
What is it with all this peanut butter?? I tried it once and it just taste like lard??? I don’t understand why people like it so much. ha ha…

So where are you from and what weird food do you eat there?

Kind regards


Theres a condiment that the Philippines has that is, for me, is absolutely despicable…it is calles “bagoong”. It contains fragments of the salted and fermented fish. It is usually fermented in clay jars for long months. I find the smell very repulsive but it is used for several dishes here. And it is a favored condiment just like ketchup.

I’m from England, and my fav thing on my toast in the morning is Marmite, which is a spread. Most people are repulsed by it when I tell them what it’s made of, and they sniff the jar, but it’s tasty (made from yeast with veggies thrown in abit on the salty side).

Eydna - if you cooked up some of the meals for me that you mentioned above (and like yourself), I’d dig in (I’ll bring my own utensils to help aid in washing up ). I love tasting different foods from all over the world, you never know until you try it if you like it!!!

Psst - I love peanut butter. It’s my fav pick me up snack, lick it off the spoon, and fills the empty spot in my tummy until din din time! Lard, ha! ha!

That sounds a lot like the weird fish dish we have here :0)

Sure I’ll cook for you ;0) I too would love to try something new. I’m just not always as brave as I would like to be.
Ræst kjøt and ræstan fisk (the rotten lamb and fish dish I mentioned above) is very strong. kinda like blue cheese strong. Most tourists can’t stomach it:0) But the rotten lamb is actually one of my favourite foods. it’s just full of flavour (doesn’t taste like blue cheese though).

But seriously peanut butter doesn’t taste of anything!? like eating petrolium jelly (Vaseline) irk!
Marmite doesn’t sound repulsive to me, but it doesn’t sound like something I would enjoy eating either…


Oh boy that does sound stinky! I can imagine it tasting very simular to ræstan fisk, with it being buried for a while instead of hanging it to dry for a coupple of weeks :0) Should taste rotten am I right?