Weird low

I woke up an hour ago, it’s almost 2 am my time, feeling really low. I was sweaty, shaking, and with my teeth chattering (it’s a key sign for me when I’m low) and had been sleeping for about an hour when this happen. I tested 10 minutes before I went to bed and was 139 but when I tested for the low I was only at 73, which isn’t low low but I swear I felt like I was in the 30’s. I have being running the last few days from 90-150’s. I have no fast acting in my system that I know of could the hypo feeling just be from a more than 60 point drop in an hour? Is that normal?

Well, I’m going to try and sleep again… I’m back up to 161… Gotta love milk, it’s better than juice for me! LOL


That’s a big drop for you not to have any rapid acting working. Do you take large doses of basal before bed? Yep, a fast drop can make you feel lower than the meter shows.

161 is high, so you might consider correcting lows carefully.