Weird lows

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this. Twice in the past week my 6 year old has experienced sudden lows in the hour after eating. On Monday his lunch bg was 102. He ate well having probably 55-65gm of carbs. They went to recess like usual. His teacher called me about 1:00 (he eats at 12) and he told her he was feeling low and was 91. Not a bad number, but he was feeling it. Today he had a field trip. He ate at the normal time, same kind of lunch. Then they walked through an exhibit. His bg today was 119 at 12:00 when he ate, and when we were leaving at about 12:40 you could just see him sinking and he’s telling me “I’m low, I’m low” I’m thinking “no way” His bg was 49! His insulin pump settings have not changed recently except for an early morning hour basal slight increase. His basal for lunch is 0.15unit/hr and his IC ratio is 1:40. Has anyone else had this happen? I was quite surprised since it was so soon after eating. Thinking maybe those decent pre meal bg were just pegging him as he was actually dropping faster and then he gets over bolused or that his IC ratio needs to be changed. (Which it been at this setting for quite a while) Or is this just random weirdness?! Just glad I was on the field trip. I posted this on the parent page, but thought I’d ask my fellow pod people too.

We have seen this happen with my son in 2 situations. The first is after a stomach bug, when I felt his body was simply not absorbing food as it usually does.

The second situation that we experience are unexplained lunchtime lows as the weather gets better. He eats and immediately goes out to recess, just as your son does. I don’t think his body has enough time to digest his food and bring his BG up from his lunch before he starts burning it off by running around the soccer field. When the weather is good, he just seems to be a whole lot more active during lunch recess than the colder months. In fact, we only bolus for 1/2 of the carbs in his lunch to try to avoid this problem.

My son is older than both of yours…yet I have been seeing the same thing… His endo just lowered his basal between 10am and 6pm…his most active times… also she told me when he is gonna be active…(like we can plan this w/ 16 yr old) to us a temp basal decrease of 25%. Maybe you need a decrease at your sons recess time? Seems like the warm weather is playing havoc w/ their numbers. and wow… the amount you son uses compared to my son! My son is at basal 1.30 at that time and 1:8 for lunch… but he is 6’1 . The think I think happes too…is it seems he the IOB builds up…maybe in his site area??? then bursts though? Not sure if this is even possible… but seems to be the case when on his stomach…but not his arm…

Could be that his IC ratio needs to be changed – it does happen sometimes! Or, it could be the food he’s eating. If it’s something with a lot of fat or protein (mac and cheese, pizza?) and you’re not extending the bolus, the pre-bolus may be hitting before the food has released the carbs. My daughter ALWAYS thinks she’s overbolused for ice cream when she forgets to extend. Her blood sugar peaks about FIVE hours after she eats ice cream. Took us forever to get this right. We actually bolus 60/40 over six hours for ice cream.

Could also be that because the weather’s nicer, he’s getting more exercise and using insulin more effectively.

I do extend his bolus sometime like you said with pizza or chicken nuggets & I usually do a 60/40 split. I do this too when he’s higher and he’s getting a bigger bolus so hopefully he won’t drop to quickly. His normal lunch is a turkey sanwich on a little roll, chip, a cookie or fruit and a juice. I just couldn’t believe he dropped to 49 from 119 in 45 minutes and after he ate. He was on a museum field trip today to no recess. I’m really glad I was there. His teacher is really good, but lots of classes on this trip and a little chaotic. Tonight at dinner the meter had the dreaded “HIGH” reading", so I don’t know if this is a rebound from earlier or if something is brewing. Guess I’ll see what he is in a little bit.

@ Katsz- Yeah I bet there is a big difference in their insulin as Will is about 42lbs and about 44". LOL!!! I have his pod on his thigh right now, Will doesn’t have enough fat to use his belly. His butt works really well, but he hates it there. We use the arms too.

My son has only ever done arms and belly… I wish he would try thigh or back or butt…
The new basal rate decrease from 10am-6pm seems to have worked today…no low like he has been having…