Weird symptoms

In June, I had a recurrence of the symptoms that sent me to a Dr. in the first place, indirectly leading to my DX. I woke up every 2 hours (almost precisely) in a cold sweat with a rapid heart rate and difficulty breathing, and needing to urinate badly. Getting up to do so i was very dizzy. Once I finished I checked my BG and in that case it was 118. The first time I didn’t know I was diabetic and it went on for 5 nights. the recent episode only lasted 2 1/2. Late the 3rd night it felt as if a fever broke and stopped happening.
So the first time I got no answer or even speculation on what it was. This time I just visited my GP and he immediately came back with “it sounds like Somogyi syndrome.” He tried but did not find literature on it so I looked it up and I don’t know. I’m T2, not on insulin and in pretty tight control. This does not get mentioned that often on TuDiabetes, but a few people bring it up so what do you think. I have an appt. with the endo in a month when I’ll ask but I like the perspective I get here.

I would have said maybe you had had a UTI.