Weird symptoms

I don’t know if this has anything to do with diabetes or not but I just went thru a few minutes of queasiness, very bad, thot I was going to throw up so was trying for the bathroom and made it to my bed. Then I was dizzy and sweaty and hardly able to think. I remembered from here lows can do that so I took my bg and looking at it now it was 93, good I know, I just remembering thinking it’s not a hypo which would have surprised me as I’m on metformin and low carb. I then alternated from the sweaty warmish queasy feeling to cold sweat freezing. I went to sleep for awhile and now my bg is 79. So since it’s not a hypo, what the heck? Thanks for any ideas. Karen.

Possibly a virus of some sort? If you continue with the symptoms you might want to have your doctor check you out, and if it gets worse, perhaps the ER. Not to scare you, but it could be heart or blood pressure related and an EKG may be a good idea.

Thank you Zoe. I had one, echogram, about 4 months ago. I will get it checked if it continues. It felt more intestinal stomach but the heart is near the stomach right! Lol

The symptoms of a heart attack can vary from person to person, and for women sometimes, there are no symptoms at all. Like Zoe, I’m not trying to scare you, but a lot of the symptoms that you describe are some that you can experience. Hopefully it is just a virus, but if it happens again, you may want to go in to the ER. Here’s a link to the Mayo Clinic on signs and symptoms of a heart attack: