Weird Tu Log On issues

Not sure where to post this, but does anyone have any idea why all of a sudden this site keeps asking me to log in? I have had it set up to just open automatically for years. All of a sudden Chrome is making me log on to FB and Tu!? I don’t have any earthly idea why, but the Tu log on screen keeps popping up over and over and…

Yer cache got cleared - probably

cookies get cleared forcing a logon

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But if I set it up again, and try to keep everything saved, it still wont remember? Very odd and frustrating!

Try it with firefox

chrome tracks you 7 ways to Sunday - it tracks all the software on your system

FF is much better

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I’m seeing that! Is this new??? All my stuff is acting up, things I have bookmarked on Chrome, passwords etc?!? Grrrrrr.

Are you seeing a pop-up? Have you tried clicking the X on the top left corner, without login?

Please let me know if that works, but I will report it to our IT guy.

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I will let you know. I imported my stuff to Firefox and it asked me to confirm password etc. I think Chrome may have taken over…grrr.

I dumped chrome after I found this - and for other reasons

When it runs it kills your system

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@Laura_S. It is also possible that there has been a change in your advanced settings for Chrome in the cookies cookies setting. If it is set to clear cookies when browser closes you’ll have to log into every website each and every time


I undid that but it still wont work on Chrome. Just here on Firefox. Chrome keeps calling me person number 1?

Eeek. Well I did nicely import to Firefox! :slight_smile:

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I think it’s fixed via Firefox. It’s leaving me logged in.

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You can put them in the bookmark bar and edit out the name - then you just have icons

I probably have 50 icons in the bookmark bar on one line

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Thanks for the tip!