Weirdest reading every

So I check my blood sugar 3 times a day. When I wake up it is normally between 100-115. When I get home from work (about 6 hours after lunch) it is normally 88-95. And between 1 and 3 hours after dinner before bed which is normally 95-120.

It has never been below 90 without alcohol 1-3 hours after dinner. Last night after eating a big salad and a large bowl of chicken alfredo no less I checked it expecting the carbs to spike it. This was a 1 hour post meal check btw. My pre check guess was it would be 120 or so. Washed hands took the reading and it said 78!?. In shock, I repeated test on a finger on the other hand and got 79. I have maybe seen a reading in the high 70’s one other time in my 3 years of every checking my readings. I cannot think of anything that I did differently that day than I have done any other day.

How could I load up on carbs and one hour later have a reading of 78? How weird is that?

It could be the amount of fat in the alfredo sauce. Fat greatly slows digestion. Did it go up hours later? Noticed that you’re LADA. Another explanation might be that you had a spurt of your own insulin.

Your profile says Oral, Shots, Diet and Exercise. Did you inject insulin before the meal?

I’m on one shot of lantus 9u before I go to bed. No bolus and 500 mg met at dinner.

Were you out in the heat a lot? Lately that has been causing me to have more lows. The heat can cause whatever is left of your basal insulin to quickly absorb and cause you to go low.

Pasta hits me very slowly, I often find the insulin will work first and pound me down and then the noodles hit later, like 3-4 hours. I usually avoid it.