Welcome! Admin wanted

Before we start: I need someone to take over the administrative tasks for this group.

Among the tasks involved would be:

  1. Keeping an eye on new members that subscribe, to invite them to the group if they are from the West Coast.
  2. Keeping an eye on any discussions under way, just in case they get out of hand (not likely, but…)
  3. Editing the group’s info, which includes the description, icon and any widgets you may want to add, such as a calendar of dates, etc.
  4. Last, you would also be able to ban users from the group, who may be violating the terms of use. In this case, I would obviously need you to give me a heads up.

I estimate at this time this task should not take more than 20 minutes every other day.

Anyone up for it?

Ok! I’m game; LOL! with a little “condition.” I’ve never done this before and I dont know a thing about it!
Will someone mind teaching me? umm… only I’m not on the West Coast. (I lived in Oakland Ca for 8 years and Curlew Wa for 1 yr. )
I would enjoy inviting and yakking with everyone.

How about Chuck? He’s pretty cool with knowing how to do lots of stuff. I saw his video on sticking himself with insulin:D and He sounds like a fun guy:)
Maybe I could be a backup?

I know I’m new to the group, but I would like to help out if you need me too. Just tell me what to do.

Hi Glenda:)
Welcome to our group! I think we’ll all soon be up and running with an "I can attitude."
We just need a leader to teach us and then we can roll as far as the computer stuff goes:)
My family calls me a “social butterfly” with a few glitches:)
Come visit me on my homepage here and get to know me!
sigh… tonight, I’m roaming the kitchen for a munchie.