Welcome Baby Lauren

Oh, my goodness, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am sorry you had to go C-section but I am SO HAPPY that you are safely delivered of a healthy, beautiful child.

Good job on managing birth and diabetes! Wow. You are awesome.

Take care!


Welcome Baby Lauren! Congrats Sally and family!

I'm glad everything went so well even if the C Section was unexpected.

Hello Super_sally;

Congratulations on the sucessful completion of what sounded like a challenging project.

Congratulations on your beautiful daughter. Thanks for sharing your birth story and the photos of the little ones.

Congratulations! Glad the endo assistant listened to you. Wish hospitals would listen to their diabetic patients more closely.

Yea, Sally! I am so happy for you and your family :) I'm glad that Lauren arrived safe and sound. Best of luck with your recovery!