Welcome Lorraine to the Admin team!

Many, many of you know her and her amazing son Caleb, who has been featured on many videos in the community. Today, we welcome Lorraine as the newest member of our Admin team.

Please everyone, help me welcome and thank Lorraine for helping the community in this new role!

Congratulations, Lorraine! Grateful for your willingness to help. It’s a lot of work.

(Guess Caleb’s too young to be an admin, huh?)

Hey Lorraine! Congrats on the new position here in Tuville. I am like Gerri, guess Caleb’s too young to work here? Child labour - thing of the past

Welcome aboard Lorraine!

Welcome! And Congratulataions!

Woohoo! Welcome aboard Lorraine!

Congrats, Lorraine !!

Congratulations Lorraine!

Congrats and THANK YOU for all you will be doing!

Congrads Lorraine!!!

Congrats, Lorriane!!!

Thanks everyone. I’m tickled to have the change to help out in any way. You are a great community of friends and I appreciate your warm wishes!

that’s great!
you’re a super mom Lorraine,and clearly you passed that to your son Caleb,he seems to be such a sweet guy :slight_smile:
congrats Lorraine,you deserve it :smiley:

Lorraine!..how exciting!..you can only add great things to tudiabetes…yay!!