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Hey everyone. My name is Miguel and I’ve been diabetic since 2003 at 25 years old. At first I was originally diagnosed as type 2 (with a blood sugar of 743), but later on tests were done and here I am with type 1.; I’ve been on a insulin pump for almost 2 years and have been on a CGM for a few months. Both devices are making it easier to be diabetic, since I don’t have to deal with injecting all the time or testing my blood sugar constantly. Although I have a million of doctor’s appointments to attend during each month, I am glad that I am doing something about my diabetes. I hope that the further advancements can cure my diabetes (I’m sure we all do). But I’m glad I’m in a community where the struggle is basically the same: we all have similar dramas (waking up all night because your CGM keeps beeping all the time, waking up with blood sugars of 300 (well not always that high).) I’m just glad I’m part of a community where people understand when I have Diabetes Drama (I’ll call that DD for now). lol
Thank you Everyone.


HI…I"m wayne5 (Wayne). I’m 67, married for 43 years, love forums and found this one because, about a month ago my doc told me I was T2. I went to the doctor to check and see if I was healthy enough for cataract surgery, last doctor visit was 20 years ago. I had the first cataract surgery on Dec.27 and I’m stuck doing nothing till my eye heals…just in time to do the next eye and Jan.17. I’m trying to get up to speed on diabetes, reading and watching Youtubes. Having people to talk to about these things really helps. Oh yes, my a1c was 9.7 and my FBG in the morning of my blood draw was 175.
My father became T1 early 70’s so I was not surprised to find out I was T2.



Welcome to the community Rob5 and miggytennis. I hope you will feel free to both help and accept help from other members.
It is nice to get to know you both and to hear your stories.


Welcome to TuD Wayne. Please feel free to ask any specific questions you may have on the forum. We have many experienced members who will be able to help you.
I became T2 when I was nearly 70 with no family history.


If she ever needs someone to talk to I’m here. I’m 14 and would love to talk to someone about what I’m going through as well.


Thank you for the welcome. My diet and goals are changing almost daily right now so I am sure I will have questions.


I think you should consider following one diet for at least a month and keep records of how different foods affect you. Chopping and changing your diet quickly gives you no opportunity to assess which suits you best. Just my 2c.


Wow! That’s inspiring - good for you!

Good luck! Keep us posted! (fellow CPA here!)

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Thank you, I have lots of questions.

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Welcome, Lisa!


Hi Everyone, I’m a new member and I’m so glad to have found this site! I was diagnosed about 4 years ago with LADA but never knew there were any resources like this. I just got a new Medtronic 670G with the CGM. I was looking for feedback on this pump. I previously had an Animas pump but am hoping for better control with the CGM available with this pump. I did’t have much choice as far as which pump since my insurance only covers Medtronic. I look forward to reading various opinions on the website and hope that I’ll be able to add some useful information at some point.


Hi, Margaret! Welcome.

I searched “670G” and came up with this list of discussions. I recommend the two started by DrBB that are about seven or eight discussions down on the list.


Hello my name is Mike and my 24 y/o son was Dx at 9 as T1DM. My wife and I and his two brothers have been on the roller coaster since. Like many others his childhood endo (until he turned 21) promoted “eat what you want just cover it”. We learned that highs would harm you in the long run and that lows could kill tomorrow. Then we saw an endo while he was away at school in TN then he moved to TX now back to PA. My son was reluctant to embrace technology and went on Dexcom 5 CGM a few years back and is now 5 months into 670G. Topics of interest include keto diets, low vs. high carbs, hypoglycemia unawareness, acceptable BG ranges, technology and support groups. A1C was high for years and is finally where he wants it. We have dealt with dangerous lows and the muddled, disoriented thinking that accompanies them. He has an older brother who was Dx with terminal brain cancer in 2016 and this does not help with normal depression and anxiety that confront Type 1s. The parent playbooks for both of these diseases do not exist. I hope to continue to learn and maybe our experience can help others new to this debilitating disease.


Oh Mike, you have really been stretched as parents trying to help their children. I had a severely ill son who is now 30 and is doing much better, but the stress was horrible.

I was dx Type 1 60 yrs ago, and I am doing fantastic.



Hi all! I will introduce myself as an European woman having type 1 diabetes for 46 years now. As a kind of by accident I became a diabetes specialist nurse as well and I am proud to tell that I just have finished my MSc at King’s College London. For in The Netherlands they don’t offer nursing studies at this level specialised in diabetes care. I want to learn and share my ideas with you all and also what are actual discussions at the professional’s level. My thesis was also about getting more involved into the perspective of persons with diabetes. But now there is the issue about who tells you what kind of insulin to put in your insulin pump? And then I am talking about next level diabetes care to put Fiasp in 670G pumps. I have a problem with this with my colleagues because of lack of evidence. I think it is their problem not being educated well themselves or just agree that the PWD can handle this with sharing their experiences. Only this way we can provide the evidence, can’t we?


Hello! 32 year old female from Midwest USA. Been in DKA twice despite controlled sugars which led to an accurate diagnosis of type 1/1.5 when I was 31. Most recent A1c of 6.8. Am only recently coming out of survival mode to face what needs to happen next in my life. Have been on CGM pump for almost a year and it has changed our life. Currently, my husband and I desperately want to have a baby, but are up against some significant risks (as many are) with very top end insulin resistance. Attempting to conquer the fear of years of failed weight loss attempts so that hopefully one day soon, it will balance the risk of getting pregnant. This is the first community I’ve ever joined about diabetes, so I hope to make some connections and learn some things!


I was also first diagnosed as type 2…probably because I wasn’t 8 and super skinny. DKA and further testing labeled me as type 1 when I was 31. I’d never heard of this happening before!


Hi SarahMichelle, It is not unusual for a T1 adult to be initially diagnosed as T2. The fact that you had to go into DKA twice before getting a correct diagnosis shows just how dangerous an incorrect diagnosis can be, the first time your life was at stake and still they could not see the writing on the wall.

I am glad your doctors finally woke up.

Welcome to our community.