Well controlled using just a basal insulin at night and mostly keeping to low carb meals

As I have stated in previous topics, after 32 years as a type 2 diabetic my blood glucose levels went way out of control and I was referred to the hospital diabetic clinic last year. After several changes in meds I went on 2 types of insulin … fast acting 3 times per day plus long acting basal last thing before bed. I experimented with these and found that because my morning blood glucose readings were always high (due to my liver giving out glucose overnight), if I took a higher dose (30 units) of basal insulin last thing at night my morning readings were within the 4.5 - 5.5mmol/l area which was perfect for me because if I then had as little carbs as possible from such things as bread/potatoes/rice or pasta and instead got all my carbs from such good sources as cauliflower rice, broccoli rice, whole cauliflower and broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, etc; Then my blood levels remained level all day long. I have obviously had some moments of relapse in my diet as I really like toast and marmalade in the mornings, so have allowed myself this indulgence when my morning levels have been at their lowest 4.5. This lapse has had some of my reading go over into the red at just over 10 mmol/l but I and my dietician are okay with this if I do not do this too often. I have also found that many places I have eaten at when out for the day or away on holiday have been great about my diet and have made a special effort to accommodate this regime. At one place the other day the chef came out to my table especially to make sure I had enough of what I needed on my plate, giving me more carrot and swede in butter to fill the plate which was truly excellent.