Well, given all the crying towel support, what is latest thinking on type 2 diabetes

Today, I write this letter to Tu-diabetes which I wish I did not have to write.

As a 64 plus year old type 2 diabetic after 30 years plus fighting this mess and finally getting arrested in the last 4 years, I end up with an email from tudiabetes admin criticizing me and telling me this is a family operation and to watch my language.

I am appalled.

I am not interested in peddling/boosting any cures, that is not my interest. In the last 4 years after getting my mess under control and better management with my Doctor’s help; it struck me that the peddled orthodoxies out there and their cure approach DID NOT WORK.

Stopping eye hemorages, kidney failure and dropping performance arrested, off of actos, off of excess insulin, weight dropping from 3330 pounds sun 250 pounds, getting rid of excess water retention are all suggestive of something else.

My goal at all times was to stop the rot and have my body continue to survive as long as possible while science continues its in depth research and search for the issues and rational cures.

To that end, the data I see researching Roux X bypass, starvation diets along with work using MRI spectography are suggesting something totally else. Energy balance, glucose saturation , hearty exercise and carbs control along with the power of metformin ( Salk/John Hopkins research) – liver excess leakage are suggesting something else and far more important.

Looking at ADA and their supporters seem to be defending the status quo and old theories on type 2 keeping type 2 diabetes locked on a path of rotting out. If the ADA and its friends, Helping Hands et all seem to think being curators of a bad museum stapling all new finds in a box and storing in a government warehouse like the Holy Grail an Indiana Jones Movies is helping type 2 Diabetics is useless garbage and inappropriate action.

At a times when type 2 Diabetes is exploding out of control and numbers exploding, such action is irresponsible in my mind.

On top of all this, we have witnessed, the old hunter gatherer gene digestion system optimized for years past of poor grade diet and low and unreliable quantities and supply of energy being now over supplied by 24/7 refined grains, rice, sugars from grains and food along with massive reductions of energy burn from exercise due to labor saving cars, couch potato tools and entertainment – video games, lap tops, wide screen TV and then we wonder why type 2 diabetes is exploding.

On sheer numbers alone, the present response of the ADA and its supporters is inadequate, useless and irresponsible. We do not need more museum curators storing new and updated research while failing to upgrade treatments and thinking to get the rot stopped while we (science ) search for better and in depth solutions.

I didn't read the post you are talking about Jims. I do however understand why you would feel so angry. Every time a doctor insists I take a cocktail of useless meds, I feel so hopeless. The information provided by the members on here has been so helpful. Still... I have no hope because the various Associations seemed determined to keep us ill. Joanne

Oh dear, in trouble again. I took the blunderbus over a moment of pique and of course blew/dig a bigger hole.

Tudiabetes, Helping Hands et all are obviously doing a great job with all its diverse groups , peoples, interests and excellent job of surfacing issues and ideas. My humble apologies.

I am not against the emotional support and discussion provided to new members of the Diabetes group and having a place to do that. That is very important and immensely useful for us all.

On the other breath, there are a lot of new and exciting data from some - 23rd century tools that have potential to shine a light on the darkness.

My frustration is that new info does not seem to be leading to new and modified cures for type 2 namely - stop the rot. So far every time I turn around, all I hear is the old "its your pancreas" broken violin ear breaking din when in fact we have liver, pancreas, skeletal muscles, diet and exercise all wrapped up in mess - and the old just add more insulin and failing that hit it with actos ( watch you do not have heart attack or lose kidneys) I've done those drugs and my kidney Doctor 2 years ago was most insistent - get off the actos as my kidneys were going down hill.

There are those who say type 1 diabetes is a pancreatic problem - insulin while type 2 diabetes is a liver problem. We persist in the west ignoring excess liver glucose release and possible saturation effects of glucose on the skeletal muscle/fat cells and actual role of insulin resistance. In fact it may be your muscle/fat cells who do not want any more glucose loaded in and turn off their response to insulin. Nope here we are - your insulin is not efficient, not working right and we need to push the glucose in harder with extra insulin and actos. The american manufacturing mentality - just push harder at front of manufacturing line - whips - chains et all.

My frustration is there are some money collecting lobbyists hauling in big bucks on diabetes and quite frankly sponsoring some incredible work. But do not go looking for any of that data incorporated into any of the cures and standard thinking on the official cure side. After 30 years, I am angered by it all. Presently science is off looking for the single silver bullit that kills vampires but type 2 diabetes needs a complex multi-faceted - multi pronged attack to resolve issues with firstly stopping the rot and secondly resolve cures down to genes, auto-immune and other medical function mis-fires and hormone control hiccups.

Thank you all for your patience, kind response and support. I apologize for my outburst with no offense intended.

Because of your posts I went back to regular metformin from the extended release version and started taking it an hour ahead of meals when my schedule allows. I have seen a modest improvement in my numbers so I think your ideas are valid, and am glad to see you are still participating.

Through participation in this forum I have come to believe that we must treat each other with respect, and this for me, includes watching my language. The reason is simple although I personally may not have been offended by whatever caused your reprimand, others may have been, they in turn could have decided to leave. The strength of a forum like this is that it encourages participation by all types of people, we need to cultivate this strength, even if it means we must edit our comments occasionally.

not sure what the issue was but if you know of some alternative T2 treatments with real science behind them I would love to hear about it


Excellent points and thoughts. Gratiously appreciated and thanks.

Best wishes with your T2.

Timing on met is a problem and realize one needs to checks one's own body on the ingestion time, up to strength in blood time and the exit drill based on your specific body, organs and response. I shared mine as an example of a large organ/body response of what is happening this end.

Best wishes and special thanks for time, patience and thoughts writing.

jim snell


While I have shared my experiences and what I/we are doing; the key response is that your diabetes medical/diabetes team need to be on side at all times ensuring your safety and health at all times.

Yes, my experience's and medical research reveal an incredible power and performance of metformin, but at all times, I have a CGMS monitoring my glucose numbers and watching out for any serious lows. At all times your medical/diabetes team need to be on side what cures and approach from met, diet and exercise you are doing to ensure you are safe. That is their job.

My experience and latest medical research is not plugged into that. That is not my/their job. One needs to ensure at all times that ones Doctor/diabetes medical team is onside what you are doing and ensure you do not end up in grief.

That said, there is incredible new data and research offering incredible hope in T2 diabetes and treatment on metformin, bariatric surgery, staravation diets et all that are suggestive of better approaches and new medical strategies. I only pray that those responsible for vetting and ensuring safety in cures get around to improving/incorporating the whole aspect of new/improved T2 treatments and proposed cures.

That much, I believe we are owed for all the dollars/clams charged presently charged for medicines, medical consulting and present cures put on us.