Well, it finally happened

The title says it all. After 27 years and several close calls I finally “needed” medical attention for a low BS. Of course, it couldn’t have happened at a worse time. I am the assistant coach for a girls’ travel soccer team and I drive several girls to and from practices. Last night before dinner my BS was 388. I had a 37 earlier in the day while mowing my lawn and drank way too much milk. My pod told me to take 7.2 units of insulin. I then had a pasta dinner (very portion controlled and with tons of good protein). Off I went to practice. With about 15 minutes to go I started feeling really bad. I was babbling and had to sit down and test. I was 54. I ate my emergency candy bar. I felt better and decided that I needed to get home with my passengers. Thank God that two of the girls that I drive had other rides and I only had to carry one girl home besides my daughter. Keep in mind that these girls are 12 years old. I thought I was okay to drive. Was I wrong! I don’t really remember much until I heard the metal on my car crunch when I rubbed a guard rail on a curvy state road. I live in a rural area. We have one stop light in town and we don’t even have our own post office. Some how the girls kept talking to me trying to keep me as focused as they could. My daughter got ahold of my PDM (which she had never even touched before) and managed to figure out how to suspend my insulin delivery. The girls did get a bit of resistance from me when they wanted me to stop but they persisted and somehow got me to pull into the parking lot of our elementary school. Amazing! I usually yell and scream and don’t do what anybody wants me to do. Sometimes I even smash things when hypo! My daughter had also used the cell phone to call my poor husband who came speeding to the scene. Once we got to the school my daughter’s friend ran into the school and found some custodians who gladly provided her with some badly needed food. I hope it wasn’t their dinner! I guess an off-duty police officer from another town had been behind me and had called the local State Troopers who arrived within moments of me getting to the school. My husband arrived shortly after with a large container of milk. So did the Fire Department, ambulance and paramedics. We tested my sugar again and my meter (PDM) said 72. The paramedic said they could not let me go until my sugar was 100 and tested it with his (hospital) meter. It was 36. Well, into the ambulance I went!

Now the good news: No one was hurt (except my car which will need a little body work and paint)!
I was only at the hospital for about an hour!

These two girls definitely saved at least three lives last night! I am very proud of both of them! I have contacted the school that they attend with a request to recognize them for their heroic actions.

Let’s hope it NEVER happens AGAIN!


wow!!! That’s scary! Was your PDM givng you false readings? I am glad everyone is ok!!! Kids are awesome, we save them they save us

OMGGGG…that is scary indeed. Because you were so busy and thinking about e verything else, I would think - thank goodness for the two girls…you take care of yourself…Cathrynn x

Thank you everybody for your positive comments and thoughts! Apparently sometimes kids are better able to handle things better than adults realize. It also helps that the Good Lord watches out for us!