Well its been two weeks! thought it would take longer. The day my DAILY ARMOR CAME:)

It finally came 2 weeks worth of waiting for my armor to arrive. I got out of work at 200pm on Friday the 8 at200. I got to my house around 2;15. Hopeing and praying not to find a note on my front door from ups. I called my tracking number in and as she was checking the number. i saw the truck pull up. i said thanks but he just pulled up. i could not wait for him to get down my driveway.I was so happy :slight_smile: that i did not miss his first attempted that i wanted to hug him. But signed it and said thanks! Opened the boxes and was like wow! this is alot of info to take in. But its going to be a whole new world.A big change from mdi four times a day.Well pumpy my new let me say compainon and friend was born and deleviered to me at 2;25pm on feb8 08. Well just waiting for trainer to call back. This will be the start of a great realationship.Take care tu and thanks for helping me with my new ADVENTURE. …diabeticidol94


Hey, glad you got your pump. As a follow-up, here’s an update of what’s happened since I got my pump last week… read

Hi and congratulations! I know the feeling.I recieved my pump about 3 weeks ago.I have played with it and installed the software and even wore it on my belt.I start on a saline solution first.Which pump did you get?
I have an Animas 2020.