Well Known People with Adult Onset Type 1 diabetes (LADA)

I am compiling a list of well known people with adult onset Type 1 diabetes/LADA, who were either incorrectly diagnosed as Type 2 initially or correctly diagnosed as having Type 1. People with adult-onset Type 1 diabetes who initially were misdiagnosed as having Type 2 diabetes, strictly due to age not etiology: Amy Tenderich (diabetesmine.com), Manny Hernandez (founder of TuDiabetes.org), professional surfer Rob Blase, prolific diabetes author June Biermann, and actress Elizabeth Perkins. People who were correctly diagnosed as adults include Mary Tyler Moore (33), Gary Hall Jr. (24), former acting US Surgeon General Ken Moritsugu (49), and pro football player Jay Cutler (25).

Can anyone add to this list? Thank you!

Writer Anne Rice.

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How about Prima Ballerina Zippora Karz? See her story here: http://www.diabetesmine.com/2009/10/sweet-book-sugarless-ballerina.html

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Me at age 52, Dx’ed in ICU and DKA. LOL

I was misdiagnose as Type 2 and recently found out at age 20 (now 21) that I have LADA.

Elizabeth Perkins (from the movie Big) was diagnosed T1 later in life - I want to say maybe mid 40’s?

I’m not well known but you can count me too - I was (barely) 20 at the time of my first misdiagnosis :slight_smile:

I’m not famous but me. Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2006 at the age of 40.

Neil Young.


Halle Berry says she was diagnosed with type 1 although claims to have reversed it so maybe the opposite of what you’re looking for.