Well Water

My husband, months ago, was doing something online and found a study someone had done in Europe somewhere, Norway??? I can’t remember…about how well water is thought to trigger diabetes.

I know or I’ve heard that many things can trigger diabetes. Because some people have the predisposition, which you can test for.

Well, it’s interesting to know that we moved to Palm Bay, FL from overseas. We’re a military family.

We decided to rent off base. We have well water. Now, I know you’re not suppose to drink it but it’s hard to keep your kids from drinking it when you’re not looking. But, we had only been here, in the country a month. 2-3wks in our house and then Lily started having the symptoms. Then we of course found out.

People always ask us, oh well is there diabetes in the family? No. Does she eat alot of sugar? Maybe, but this is type 1 people. Stuff like that. People, even the doctors, were so surprised to know that this came out of nowhere.

Anyway, sometimes, if I let myself dwell on it–which I have only a couple times–I get upset. At nothing and no one. Just the fact that it was our luck we picked this base instead of another base. It was our luck that we wanted to live off base rather than on. Maybe none of this would have happened.

I hate thinking about it. I hope there’s a cure one day in her lifetime.

I give my kids, especially because I didn’t breastfeed long with any of them, I give them LifeStart and probiotics.

LifeStart is very important for gut immunities buildup. You have to breastfeed for about a year and a half, from my research, to build up 100% in the intestine. But if you didn’t or couldn’t, you can use LifeStart. So that’s what I do now. And FloraBear chewables.

I also try to use Good Start Natural Cultures formula too, now.

Just wanted to share some thoughts!


I have never heard well water causes diabetes. I grew up on it and I didn’t get diabetes until I was in my 20’s and then they said it was caused by a medication I was on. I wonder what it is in the well water that could cause it since there are no chemicals in well water.

My husband grew up on well water, noone in his family has “D”. We live in the house now, but always drink bottled spring water. Our adopted son has “D”, but not surprisingly, his birth dad, and maternal grandfather and aunt have T1. I would not say it well water does not have “chemicals”, because the aquafer it comes from could havebeen contaminated by VOCs(volitile organic compounds), benzene, ansd who knows what from chemical plants. Many people only test their well water for coliform and other bacteria rather than other pollutants. I have not heard about this, but If it is a cause then how much exposure causes it.?

nothing caused it. especially well water. It is not uncommon for somebody to develop type1 when there is no family history. There is no history of it in mine and I got it soon after I turned 30.