So upon looking at my sensor while injecting my lantus just now i noticed on the top part of the adhesive it seems to look like blood and im just wondering that if i hit something would it come out like that???

Ya, when I first got the sensor, I noticed some red stuff in the see through part on top of the adhesive…I asked my Dexcom educator and she said it was nothing and it was probably blood…I have used it ever since and it was never a big deal. I believe it’s normal unless the blood is fully coming out of your skin and what not…Hope it helps…

it happened to me once in about a year and a half since i have been usine the Dex. I think i ended up using it without a problem. It wasn’t any issue.

I have seen this too, never alot of red, but it’s almost always there when I first insert a new sensor. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.