Welp its my birthday tomorrow but on a positive note... Kidney transplant using stem cells eliminates the need for toxic rejection drugs

Yep I'm getting old and it sucks.. There ain't nothing good about it except its one less year I have to live with diabetes. Anyway I found this article quite interesting even though its not diabetes related. Check it out...


Happy birthday !

Happy birthday, Gary! I hope you have a great day.

OMG, Kepler discovered his 3rd law of planetary motion on your birthday! That's awesome! Happy birthday bro! Get a Vox Valvetronix amp for yourself!

Happy Birthday, Gary! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Have a great birthday Gary. You share it with my kids, it's their 4th anniversary.

Dear Gary ...have a Very Happy One :)
I'll remember your BD , cause I will have surgery on my left leg : a cancer spot to be removed and likely followed by skin crafting ...I will be sad if Surgeon takes flesh from my buttock ...as I am kind of flat in that area already :)

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!


I've got a Fender Superchamp-xd which is my main practice amp. I also have a boutique amp which you've probably never heard of. It's called an Aiken Intruder. It's a 50 watt professional amp really made for gigging which I don't do. I've been a big fan of high end gear especially over then last 8 years. I can't wait to see Van Halen this year. The clips on youtube are stellar.

I think I heard of it from you before? I forgot you had a sexier rig than I do as I traded my two sort of wayward tube amps (Ampeg VT40 and Acoustic G100T...) in on a Vox as we got a dog a couple of years ago and I'd not really played the amps much since then as they were loud for the dog. And who am I kidding, I'm 44 and not likely going to be gigging any more. I still like to play a lot though!

Happy Birthday Gary. Hope you have a great day. Cheers! Joanne