Went off Trulicity Just Tresiba and Metformin Now

After trying Trulicity for about a year, I went off of it in June. I moved to WY and my doctor here said it is not for Type 1 diabetics. I didn’t like the heartburn and upset stomach on the first day or so after injection. I began to be bothered by the food sitting in my stomach for longer periods of time, delaying digestion. I had been down to 8 units per day of Tresiba, and have had to go up to 14 units. Now I have decent morning readings, if I eat well the night before. I do low carb diet most of the time yoga 2-3 days per week, walking a bit, but need to be walking more. Today was house work for a couple hours and then pretty much resting around the house. My issues is I start to crave something sweet, fruit helps, I eat fruit that is not ripe, like hard nectarines, pears, etc. so less sugar. But sometimes chocolate works. I think I need to find more diabetic “desserts” to curb the sweets tooth. I eat whole foods, organic, make soups, stews, but still have some “sweet cravings”. I feel better without the Trulicity. More “myself” and better balance at yoga. Hope everyone has a great weekend! :sunglasses:

I used to like the ‘Estee’ chocolate bars. And the Murray cookies are still around everywhere. They’re yummy too.

Consider honey-roasted almonds. Most of the food value is in the almond itself, with a smattering of sugar on the surface. This is lower-carb than butter toffee almonds which have a thick candy coating, but are actually the same carb content as regular cashews. (Who’d a thunk that cashews weren’t low carb.)

For me, I’m addicted to cinnamon honey-roasted almonds, which I get from a vendor at our local farmers market.

On re-reading, this looks ambiguous. It is the butter toffee almonds, with the thick candy coating, that have the same carb content as regular cashews. Honey roasted almonds are lower carb than that.

With any type of nuts, it’s a good idea to have some vitamin C with the nuts. This helps with the magnesium absorption. Phytic acid is being talked about more and more these days. I used to eat those honey roasted cashews when I was like a teenager on the street. I do eat almonds plain, and I’m kind of a walnut fan. Always have been.

I’m a type 1 and my endo actually put me on Trulicity, and it’s really helped to keep my blood sugar values more stable throughout the day. Recently I was wondering if it was actually doing anything for me, so I decided to give it up for a few weeks. Almost right away I noticed that my sugars started climbing higher than they had in a long time, and I hadn’t changed diet at all. I went back on the Trulicity and my values returned to what I consider normal for me.

Regardless, do what’s right for you, but don’t blindly follow your doctor’s advice. Obviously one doctor thought Truclicity was a good option for you. Now your new one thinks it’s not. If you search this forum, you will find plenty of other type 1s who are also using Trulicity with great success. If you don’t like taking it, that’s one thing. But it’s certainly effective for type 1s, so don’t let that deter you.