Went to Mt Lassen and Blood Sugars went way up

Hi everyone. Just got back from Mt Lassen National Park after 5 days. (Although most of the park is still snowed in right now.) I don't know what was going on but the whole time I was up there my Bgs were really out of control.

Fasting Bgs in the morning Monday 133 two hours later 145

Tuesday 143 130

Wednesay 141 didn't test

Thursay 154 213

Friday 151 192

And my bedtime Bgs were 180-228.

I got home last night and my bedtime Bg was 129. I feel so much better. I stuck to my meal plan, I took my Lantus in the morning, bolused with Humalog before meals. So why was I so high? Was it the elevation?

I have heard that elevation can raise blood sugar. What elevation were you at?

About 4000 to 5000 feet for 5 days.

I’m a sea level dweller and I went to visit relatives in Wyoming last year. I ran high the whole time, especially the day we drove to Idaho, as most of the 3 hour drive was spent at an even higher elevation. I saw a 300 during that day, which was around where I was at diagnosis and while on prednisone, but never since. I’m pretty sure it was the elevation, because there was no other explanation.

A few years ago I went to Bolivia for a couple weeks. About 4 days of my trip I was in the Andes Mountains which is anywhere from 13,000 - 15,000 ft elevation. I couldn’t get my blood sugar under control the whole time I was up there. At the time I attributed it to not knowing the carb content of all the food I was eating. But after I got home I realized that the elevation had to have played a part in that somehow. I’ve also heard that your meter can give distored readings at higher elevations.

That’s what it seems like. My blood sugar is a lot easier to control since I came back. Thanks Wayne.