Went with Animas

I’m excited about ordering the Animas Ping tomorrow. I am still debating what color though. Black, green or pink. Decisions are not easy specially when they don’t really matter. :o)

Thank you to every one that gave me tips and replied to all my questions. This site is awsome.

Congrats on the decision! I know how much thought goes into it :slight_smile:

You will be very happy with your PING whichever color you decide on!

My almost 6 year old is yelling pink and my hubby is yelling black… :o) My Cozmo is green so I think it’s Pink and Black in the running for now. :o) Thanks

I would go pink. I had a blue Minimed for 4 years, so when I got a Cozmo, I decided to be a grown-up and went with black. I’ve regretted going so plain now though. Should have gone with the green, I keep telling myself. So if I were you, I’d go for the flashy! But that’s just me!

I actually have the green cozmo and had the purple MM before that ha ha… I let my daughter chose. She will be 6 in June. She is not diabetic but I want to be prepared incase. So by showing her that it’s not such a big deal and that you can have fun I figure if she ever develops diabetes it’ll be more about Oh I want pink than I am ill. So yes we are doing the pink. :o) They have great cases and one of them totally hids the pump in a black case for the clothes that may not match the pink… ha ha
Thank you for your comment. Are you staying with your Cozmo??? I decided to change now so that my out of pocket won’t be so high. I’m counting on the Animas lasting me longer than 2 years once I get it as that is what I have left on waranty. I’m excited. My Rx isn’t in yet as they havn’t called me yet but they said I should have it by May 11. Not sure where that date came from but sounds good to me. o)

I have had my Cozmo only since July, so I’m not even done with my first year on it. So right now, I’m thinking I’ll stick with it until my warranty is up, but I may be the last person still on one by then! laughs I am really torn.

I think since I wear the Freestyle Navigator CGMS, I need to wait to see which company will provide technology that will be compatible with it. I’m interested in what Freestyle will do with their Aviator idea (that just got FDA pre-market approval) over the next couple years. And maybe since Omnipod takes Freestyle strips, they might come out with something. I don’t know! I love my CGMS and don’t want to jump ship to something that is Dexcom-only-friendly. So that’s where I am right now.

May 11 is the day after Mother’s Day. What a lovely gift! :wink:

I have the Dexcom and I like it. I don’t wear it anymore but that is b/c of the cost. I’m selfpay on the CGMS so… I’m waiting till the Animas comes out with the combo that is linked. I like the OneTouchUltra strips and the Freestyle. Always used both of them. Freestyle in the Cozmo and Ultra for the dexcom or when I don’t feel like wearing the cozmonitor.

I haven’t heard anything yet… Ahhhh I’m eager to get started…

HELP… does the pump not display your numbers? How do you know it saved it? I love the animas sofar but not sure I would have chosen it knowing it doesn’t show your numbers. This is something I’ll have to get used to for sure.