What a day

It is very weird when all the planets align. I posted my "Low" yesterday. My very bestest friend in the world..her husband has a brain tumor and it changed everything today, and some poor guy who had never had a traffic accident ever, rear ended me. AND my boys went to the National's world series playoff game and lost 8-0 (WHERE IS STRAUSBERG???)

It can only get better.

Gosh, you're not kidding. Sorry to hear of your Friend's
husbands condition. Prayers and hopeful thoughts for him
and his Family. I also hope that you are okay after
getting rear-ended and your low. Things will get better
for you, I'm sure.

Sorry about your friend's husband Spock.

Thanks all.

Wow. I'm so sorry about your friend's husband; it's a very tough road.

We have to watch out. It won't be the National's world series playoff game if they lose another!!!!

I always have wondered why bad things seem to come in bunches but good things don't. I hope you get some good things soon, and sorry about all that coming down on you at once! Hang in there.


I can't believe they couldn't buy some insurance for Strasburg's arm!

They should have kept him on the roster. It is a darn shame.

Oh, Lloyds of London offers insurance for those kinds of thins. Hope Jeter bought some.