What a dose of high stress can do to your BG's!

Woke up this morning with a good BG of 104, had 2 eggs, coffee, and a piece of toast with peanut butter. Very typical morning for me, bolused the same I always do and head in to town an hour or so later to run some errands.

Midway through our small town I see a motor-home 2 blocks up with fire coming out from under the left side. The vehicle was just rolling under no power and I could see the driver was having trouble even steering it. By the time I drive the two blocks to the vehicle, the entire left underside is belching oily black smoke and flame. I'm the first one to stop, thinking the driver surely has already exited his vehicle, when I see that he is just staring at me from the drivers seat. By the time I get out and around the back of my car I can no longer see the driver, the entire passenger cabin is filled with black smoke. I dodge a few cars that just speed by and get to the back of the vehicle in time to see the driver stepping out the side door surrounded by smoke. I grabbed him and checked to see if he had inhaled much smoke but he was blessedly unscathed. Just then, two other good Samaritans show up, one on the phone to 911, the other with a fire extinguisher. Luckily for the driver this all happened 2-3 blocks from the fire station, a truck was rounding the corner within 2-3 minutes of me stopping. I gave the driver the coffee I had just bought, made sure he was comfortable and decided there wasn't any more I could do but get in the way.

I drive 5 minutes to my first errand and decide to check on my BG since its been ~2 hours since my breakfast and I'd like to grab a fresh latte since I gave my first one away. BOOM, 296 BG!!!!! I never go above 140 if all I've eaten is a piece of toast!

Funnily enough, I remembered what Dan had wrote in his recent blog, so I corrected and moved on(checking again in 2 hours lest I crash hard).