What a relief! A1C & Dexcom prediction

This week my daughter had clinic and I was going over her numbers a few nights before and was shocked when I saw that Dexcom clarity pegged her A1C at 9.4%! I of course got super upset, especially when I read here how most people find that number super accurate, and even sometimes lower than their actually A1C.

So off we went to clinic and when the dr came in I told him the predicted number and he was surprised because her A1C was only 8.3! Now before anyone gasps, or judges us… my daughter just turned 11 and often doesn’t bolus. We’ve seen a huge break through recently where she is taking on more responsibility and bolusing so I know that we are headed in the right direction and have a goal of getting in the 7’s for the next app’t.

But back to Dexcom clarity, in that 3 month period she only wore her sensor about 60% of the time and does spend more time than she should being high. So I guess these are things that would throw it off?

@Leelaa…just my 2 cents, but the other 40% of the data (where the Dexcom was missing) would greatly influence the result. A1c is and average. A person with very tight control and a person with wild variations could have the same A1c if the median BG was the same.

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I, myself, tend to wear a Dexcom more often when the numbers are ‘fishy.’ I check my BG more often when its ‘bad.’ So, that can contribute to error in the calculations.

You don’t wear your Dexcom everyday?

Nope. I don’t find that I always need it. I spend most of my career as a diabetic without it, so it doesn’t feel that vital. But, if I’m seriously analyzing the system, or doing something that could result in critical failure, or doing something that’s physically challenging, then I do. Its expensive, I worry about tissue damage, and there are swathes of time where I don’t require a Dexcom because the system is relatively stable, or the transmitter has failed and the device is simply not available.

For me it’s totally free and I’m not concerned about tissue damage. There’s tons more tissue damage from infusing insulin

Yea, I worry about that. But, so far, so OK (good).