What a way to end the weekend... it was scary

When I got up Sunday morning to take the dogs out I didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary at first when Igor was hesitant to go down the stairs or on our way out he walked straight into the gate that keeps them in or out of the kitchen. I thought he just wasn’t paying attention because he does that sometimes in the height of his ‘excited’ness’ heh. But once we got outside he stumbled down the stairs, tripped over the gutter sticking out on the side of the house, and kept running clear straight into Minion. Every time he went towards the deck he would walk into the bushes in front of it, then finally he found his way up on the deck and when he was doing it he was reaching his front legs out like he was trying to find his way… which he probably was. I went up to Eric and said there’s something wrong with him. He called him into the living room and he was reaching his legs out again and he walked into the couches, his eyes were just stagnant. We looked at him more closely and noticed his pupils were very dilated and are not responding to light. He didn’t seem completely blind but he definitely couldn’t see much. We’re clueless as to why this has suddenly happened. He was fine Saturday and he seemed fine otherwise, he was active and playful and had an appetite. He wasn’t acting sickly. We took him to vet later that afternoon and oddly enough his eyes were back to normal by the time we got there. The vet was clueless, she looked him over and everything looked fine, again he wasn’t sickly or anything. So we ruled out that either he got into something (which we have no clue as to what it could have been) or he has some underlying neurological problem (terriers are prone to epilepsy apparently) and we can either ensue expensive testing or wait and see if it happens again and then ensue the expensive testing. So for now we’re going to wait to see if it happens again, meanwhile I’m going to do a clean sweep of the house to make sure there’s nothing he can or could have gotten into. Today he seems fine, his eyes are dilating and he seems to see just fine. So we’ll just keep a close eye on him for now.

Seems scarey. I definitely would watch him very carefully. How old is the little guy?

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

He’s only 7 months old. We’re watching him very closely right now because we’re wondering if he had a seizure before I got up to take him out and that caused his eyes to be like that temporarily, otherwise we’re hoping that it was just something he got into, not that its a good thing that he did but it’s less worrisome than neurological disorders.