What a week!

It’s so incredibly busy at work now due to it being the first days open for this year. The orders are just streaming in from customers and on top of that there’s been a lot of technical issues in the customer service this week, leaving us out in the warehouse extremely busy just after when the phones are actually working! Yesterday I took 1h overtime work just because we had so much to do. I didn’t have the energy at all really, but I did it anyways, and paid for it today! Have been having a whooping headache all day today and my back quite litterally sounds like bubblewrap everytime I stretch it. I’ve been at work as normal, but the day was really snailing past because I wasn’t feeling well at all. I’m still feeling like ■■■■, even though I’ve just gotten out of a nice long warm bubble bath. I do have a feeling I’ll have to call in sick tomorrow :frowning: I just can’t take another day with this darn headache. My brain just don’t want to function normally when I’m having a headache. All my focus and energy just goes into focusing on something else than the pain and that just makes me wanting to sleep so it’s a bad circle. I’d better try to sleep it off tomorrow if I don’t feel great when I wake up at 5.30am…

Hi , sorry you are not feeling well. Working in a warehouse enviroment is not fun when you are distracted by pain. What do you think is causing your headches?

I love my job. But all the noise from forklifts of various sizes and up to 12 taperolls at a time is really a pain in the behind when having a headache. Not even music could keep the noise out today! I really have no idea what’s causing the headache. Could be lack of sleep possibly because I’m so busy these days I often sleep less than 6h per night since I came back from my parents. But that really shouldn’t be… I’m often only sleeping 5-7h when working. All I know is that it’s not likely to be caused by bloodsugar unless it’s swinging and I don’t see it those few times I do test. My medical record says I’m not diabetic, but I call myself possible pre-diabetic due to rising up to 180 a few times after meals and even having 2h readings of over 160 on more than one occassion and that was after having less carbohydrates than usual… It’s highly likely I’ll call in sick tomorrow. Don’t think there’s a chance my headache will be gone by 5.30am. It’s 11.25pm here now and my headache is still haunting me quite badly. The reason I’m still up is because my head is keeping me up! But I’m tired enough to fall asleep standing :S

It’s 230PM here in Los Angeles. Your next stop sounds like it should be a doctor. Heads and chest pains two areas we do not want to gamble with.
Good luck and let us know how it works out.

I’m going to call a doctor today. Actually I’m just about to check for the phone number to my clinic. I’m home from work today. Still having a whooping headache and my back is screwing me as usual. Tramadol has helped a bit for both of it today but now I only have one of those pills left so I’m going to see if it’s possible to have a prescription for those… I got them years ago when I hurt my foot pretty badly. But I have noticed that it’s just about the only painkiller that does help me. All the prescription free stuff doesn’t help at all even for just a regular headache! And I rarely or never take painkillers… But I do seem to need quite a bit when I do take it. It seems like my headache is a migraine unfortunately, and I’ve ran out of migraine pills, and again, prescription free doesn’t have an effect on me. I can take the max dose of a prescription free painkiller or migraine medicine, and it has just about the same effect as a piece of sugar! Now I’d better find that phonenumber. I need 2 prescriptions filled :stuck_out_tongue: And that’s preferably today- something rather impossible in the swedish medical system…