What a weekend!

Got back from my weekend of out-of-town gigs tonight…Relieved to be home but of course as was said in a comment on my first blog post, "When it rains it pours."

The replacement pump arrived without incident and we made it to the first show (Thursday night) on time. The rest of the weekend was spent in a “hurry up and wait” mode. Lots of behind-the-scenes stuff like making sure we had enough food for the band members, making sure they got where they were needed on time, and the performances to boot.

My band plays Balkan folk music for concerts and dance parties, and we were booked at a weekend folk dance festival in Door County WI. Our performance times were late…On Thursday, a smaller portion of our group played for an hour between 9-10, and then both Friday and Saturday it was the full ensemble from 10 pm to midnight. Sleep deprivation along with alcohol and loud silly conversations is certainly interesting when one doesn’t have all ones meds!

While I was away my meds did arrive so tomorrow I"ll be getting back on the schedule. At least I wasn’t low on insulin and test strips. That would have been much, much worse.