What am I?

Got to love diabetes!!! I was dx’ed aug./08 in ICU, DKA, bs 672 and a1c 13.2 at 52. They call me Type 1. Well here it’s been almost 3 years and here where it gets weird. For about a month now I haven’t needed ANY insulin. How my bs you ask??? Amazing, went to a buffet ate a huge pile of mashed potatoes, 4 slices of pizza, fried potatoes, fried chicken and no insulin. An hour later my bs was 140. I can get my bs up if I eat a BIG candy bar, I’ll hit 160 at 1 hour, then 120 in 2 and 95 at 3
What caused this??? Haven’t a fricken clue!!! LOL The Dr at the VA put me in for Agent Orange and a C pep test or whatever it’s called. Never went overseas but was at a Fort in the 70’s, now closed that is a EPA Superfund Site.
Soooo who knows what I am other than just plain no label Diabetic.
Also on top of this my shoulder had started to hurt real bad. Well it seems I am worn out LOL My shoulder is bone on bone. Great now I get to be a cyborg (replacement shoulder). Well when that happens and I live in California,USA. I am going to get a tattoo of a cartoon Star Trek Borg. ROFLMAO I am going to be Borg 420!!!

With any autoimmune disorder the basis is your body’s ability to attack itself. Because of this there is always the chance your body will lose the immunity if it doesn’t see the antigen for long periods of time (think boosters for vaccines). In cancers where the basis may be immune toleration of the tumor (e.g. melanoma) if the body can “reset” itself it can completely destroy the tumor in a very short time. There are drugs that are working to do just that in cancer ipilimumab and also in T1DM with Otelixizumab.

So what am I saying? I’m saying you may be one of the very lucky few whose body decided to not attack itself. Even more importantly your b-cells began to proliferate again. Most T1 lose antibody positivity within a short while after becoming fully diabetic, but never are able to regain any of the b-cells because the immune system will continue its attack if there are b-cells present ever again. Interestingly, your body didn’t raise resistance again

No basal insulin either? And you check your bgs throughout the day so you’re capturing any sneaky highs? Although the 160 at 1 hour is still impaired, right? What ever the reason, sounds like a nice holiday from the betes.

160 at 1 hour would depend on the amount of simple carbs eaten during the meal. Normal people will spike off of candy and then free fall. Think of kids after easter morning, sugar high (massive spike in BG), then crash from the rapid digestion of the carbs and increased insulin secretion).

No basal or any insulin. It makes me check even more than when I use insulin!!! LOL

Hi Keith, have you considered the possibility that you might not be a T1 at all?

There is a variant of diabetes variously called Flatbush, Type 1b, or ketosis-prone Type 2. Patients typically present in DKA but some are able to go off insulin after recovering from the initial DKA episode.

The candy bar was a king size Milky Way!!! And I did get down to 85 after about 3 1/2 hours. If I eat a complex carb, simple carb, fat and protein, my bs stays about 140 1 hour after eating.

Oh yea, when I was dx’ed I got a little OCD with it and read a LOT. LOL Type 1b is called idiopathic diabetes… Maybe I am that. That’s got one advantage it’s on the Social Security you get it list, you get disability. The Dr. at the Veterans has put me in for Agent Orange or other stuff exposure list, we’ll see.