What app are you using?

Hi everyone,

When I first started testing, I was using the OneTouch Verio Flex. I liked the integration with Apple Health and my exercise info but I ended up switching to the Contour Next One because it was supposed to be more “accurate”. Anyway, the Contour App doesn’t integrate with anything and I would really like to aggregate my data. I’ve tried the Conerstones4Care app / Glooko but it gets a little wonky sometimes and I can’t manually enter my readings from other meters. What apps are you all using?


Diasend and Clarity

One Touch Verio Reveal

OneDrop and Spike for CGM.

Clarity and Tidepool

One touch version reveal. My insurance / medicare will cover this. I would love a free style Libre but won’t cover it. I take 2 shots a day of lantus. Nancy

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I use Dexcom’s Clarity everyday. I upload my CGM and view the data in the 14-day AGP report. Although the data spans 14 full days, it displays across one standard day. This report is great for identifying the time of day when you’d like to improve.

Loop is the app where all my automated insulin dosing system data is uploaded. It’s a dashboard that displays on my iPhone. It shows me my blood sugar trace and a multi-hour projected blood glucose forecast. I can also dose insulin from Loop as well as track my insulin on board number and the carbs on board.


How does your CGM, pump or meter define carbs on board and how does it calculate it?

meant software not meter.

Loop doses meal-time insulin with a request for the number of carbs (and/or fat/protein carb equivalents) the user intends to eat. Then the user tells the software the approximate expected duration for digestion/absorption. I often choose durations in the 3-5 hour range. I chose 3.5 hours for the meal shown. The carbs on board calculation is then made by mathematical algorithm over the time of that duration.

Here’s my current Loop dashboard that includes the profile of Active Carbohydrates, also known as carbs on board or COB. I started eating an hour ago, ate 28 grams of carbs (or equivalents). As you can see the active carbs have already decayed to 18 grams. Active Insulin is insulin on board or IOB.

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Still not clear. What does carbs on board mean? Is it an estimate of the carbs still left that may raise your BG? So once carbs on board and IOB is zero you should only be left with basal that may or may not change you BG. Is that correct? Never heard of carbs on board. For the most part I assume food is gone in 3 hrs and insulin in four.

Exactly. In my case I ate about 28 grams of carbs at 4:45 p.m. and they decay to 0 grams about 3.5-4 hours later at the non-linear profile traced by the Loop Active Carbs graph.

For many meals that’s true, but it may not be for you for every time you repeat a meal and may act differently at different times of the day.

Your insulin is not likely gone in four hours but you can do a test to see. My insulin duration is programmed at 6 hours on the recommendations of the people who code for Loop. Google “John Walsh, insulin duration” and you’ll find some interesting reading.

Is anyone using the Contour App?

I use mysugr , i do finger sticks though no CGM and i use the contour next meter the one that doesn’t have bluetooth, as far as i know there is currently no iphone app that can read from any generic bluetooth glucose meters, DiabetesM can but only on Android.
basically the reason why i’m thinking about moving to Android to be able to get contour next one and not having to punch in my readings like 15 times a day.
mysugr intergrates with Apple health and grabs exercise data as well and adds them automatically as an entry as well as glucose measurements of course.
I had accucheck guide with bluetooth but it was very inaccurate that’s why I’ve changed to contour next and the painful 15 entry punching a day.

I have it but it isn’t as good as OneDrop so I don’t end up doing much with it. It does automatically sync my BG readings though so that is good but it won’t share the info with any of the other apps on my phone so it’s use to me is limited.

I use Glooko with an Accu-Chek Guide meter. The meter readings flow to the app via bluetooth with minimal frustration. The Dexcom data automatically transfers from Clarity with a 3 hour delay and I upload my Tandem X2 pump via the Glooko uploader for all the rest. So, I get meter, CGM and pump data integrated. I’m using an Android Pixel 2 smartphone and a Mac running the latest OS. I’ve tried a lot of setups and this works best for me.

We have been using Diasend and Clarity for some time now.

However Diasend is simply not able to keep up (ie from a software revision point of view) with the Tandem updates. It probably makes more sense for us to switch from Diasend over to Tandem t:connect.

OneTouch Diabetes Management Software v2.2 on a Windows 7 virtual machine running on OS 10.6.8