What are everyone's daily basal rates?

I have always assumed that I am insulin resistant because I use more insulin than other people I am aware of. My endo has also told me that I am insulin resistant.

In a day I use 38.50 units for basal alone. But, since I am tracking and watching things better, I am slowly starting to fine tune my basal rates and can stand to go down a few units in a day collectively at different times.

What is everyone else's basal rates?


I use about 49.5 units per day at rates as low as 0.95 up to 2.8 units per hour. I have 5 different rates over 24 hours.


I just looked back a few days, and my basal’s run between 11.35 and 12.10. My TDD is usually between 38 and 40 units.

My son uses 1.0 units /hr…but he does a few temp basal rates every now and then… so he averages 24 or more a day.

My basal is 23.19U/day. TDD is average 43.8 for this week. Basal runs at:
12:00 Am 0.95
06:30 AM 1.00
03:00 Pm 0.90
07:00 PM 0.97

Just downloaded …he was way more than I thought:
Average meal bolus/day 24.75
" correction bolus/day 9.90
" Total bolus 34.65
Average basal /day 21.43
Total average insulin/day 56.08

My basal rate is set at 10.2/day, varies from day to day,especially if I am exercising.

Hi there! I’m newly diagnosed (Feb of this year) and have been using the One Touch Ping for about a month now. My basal rates are still being adjusted, but right now it’s at 0.375/hr during the day and 0.325 at night with an 80% decrease for exercise, so anywhere between 8-9 units per day of basal.

My child uses about 10 unit per day for basal and weighs 72 pounds.

Wow - just checked my basal rates.

Basal rates average 6.4 - 7 units a day.
Total insulin averags 14 -20 units a day.

This confirms my feeling that I am still in the honeymoon period. I halved my insulin needs when I switched to the pump though, everything is much more stable now.


12 am - 6 am .95
6 am - 11:59 pm 1.00

I use 24units of humulog a day ranging from .5 to 1.4 and 9 basal rates set over 24 hours.

1.4 U per hour from 6am to 12:00 am. 1.5 U from 12:00 am to 6:00 am.

I’ve been diabetic for 39 years and mine seems low. I use .7/hr for most of the day and for 3 hours at night I use 1.0.

My total daily basal rate is 16.476 using 3 basal rates.

Mine fluctuates between 34 and 48 in total. Im trying to cut down as much as I can due to the possible links between Insulin and cancer. My basal is 20.